I am a research development consultant based in Perth, Western Australia.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Project management and development in the humanities, digital media and creative arts, specialising in interdisciplinary research and transnational projects
  • Research services in the Australian higher education sector, including consulting on Australian Research Council (ARC) and Australia Council for the Arts grant applications, and conducting Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) and Engagement and Impact (EI) Assessment policy analysis and administration
  • Academic and technical writing, specialising in copy editing and proofreading as well as advising on scholarly publications

The key point of difference that I offer is that I have walked the talk. With almost 30 years combined experience in academic research, writing and administration as well as arts management, cultural policy and creative practice, I have the proven track record to empathise, strategise and achieve results across all these areas.

I have been working as a freelance consultant on a full-time basis since 2014. Prior to this I had worked as a teaching and research academic in the Australian higher education sector for almost 20 years, including appointments as Senior Lecturer in Visualisation Technologies and Digital Media at Curtin University (2013-2014), Senior Lecturer in Digital Communication at University of Wollongong (2011-2013), Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Asian Digital Media at Edith Cowan University (2004-2007), and Lecturer in Art Theory and Visual Culture at Edith Cowan University (1999-2011).

My research expertise centres on cultural studies, digital media and visual culture in the Asia-Pacific region. My indicative publications include the book Gaming Cultures and Place in Asia-Pacific (Routledge, 2009) as well as special issues of Amerasia Journal on “Asian Australia and Asian America: Making Transnational Connections” (2010), Third Text on “The Transnational Turn: East Asian Mobility” (2014) and Coolabah on “Reimagining Australia” (2 vols., 2018). In addition, I have published extensively on art, digital media and culture in over 50 book chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers, and other industry publications. I have also served as a founding Associate Editor of Studies in Comics (2009-2015) and Thematic Editor (Diasporic Asia) for Asian Studies Review (2009-2010).

I have been awarded nationally competitive funding from the ARC, Australia Council for the Arts, and Arts WA, and obtained 8 institutional, state and federal grants to date for projects spanning academic research (4), teaching and learning (2) and creative practice (2), worth over AUD$250,000 in total. I was also part of international project teams that successfully applied for funding from the Smithsonian Institution and Getty Foundation in the United States. I was a Chief Investigator in an ARC Discovery project entitled “Being Asian in Australia and the United States” (2008-2010) based at the Australian National University, and Project Manager in another Discovery project entitled “Deathscapes: Mapping Race and Violence in Settler States” (2016-2019) based at Curtin University.

As part of my extensive professional engagement in the creative and cultural industries sector for over 25 years, I have also worked as an exhibition curator (Multicultural Arts Centre of Western Australia, 1996), arts marketing workshop coordinator (Art on the Move, 1995), and art reviewer (The Western Review, 1996-1998). In addition, I managed Art Focus, a commercial art gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1992-1993. I previously served on the boards of the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), Artists’ Regional Exchange (ARX) and Art Association of Australia and New Zealand (AAANZ). I was a founding Executive member of the Asian Australian Studies Research Network (2006-2018) and the founding Convenor of the International Network for Diasporic Asian Art Research (2009-2012). Most recently I served on the Steering Committee of the International Australian Studies Association (InASA) Conference 2016, which was held in Fremantle, Western Australia. At present, I am an Expert Assessor for the ARC (since 2010) and Peer Assessor for the Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts (since 2013).




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